Brenda Lee Eutsler has been a member of the New Jersey Supreme Court’s Roster of Qualified Mediators since 2002. She mediates matters assigned by judges in several South Jersey counties as well as through private selection by attorneys. Over the fifteen years she has been a Mediator, Brenda has successfully mediated over 85 cases. The majority of the cases dealt with estate and trust litigation such as will contests over the validity of estate planning documents or changes to non-probate assets and/or beneficiary designations which raise issues of lack of capacity, undue influence and fraud. Several dealt with claims of breach of fiduciary duties by personal representatives and Power of Attorney agents and involved financial and accounting issues.

Through her own practice, Brenda litigates the types of cases she mediates so she is very knowledgeable about the issues and pertinent law which allows her to understand the factual and legal positions being advanced by the attorneys. She also has the sensitivity to appreciate and understand the emotional and financial impact the litigation has on the parties. As a result, Brenda is able to offer options for consideration by the parties to enhance their discussions and facilitate a mutual meeting of the minds among the parties.

If Brenda can be of assistance to you as a Mediator, please contact us through the form below to advise us of your needs or call Brenda directly at 856-428-2266.